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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Working with family..

is not what its cracked up to be. It actually kinda sucks.. Especially when times are like these.. The economy sucks which has put a damper on everyone's moods..

We (our family) ownes a Granite and Marble Fabrication Company - We do custom countertops for Residential, New Construction and Commercial Properties.. Our Company was built from the floor up by my Dad's two hands and is now owned by the four siblings and my Mom. After my Dad passed away in 2004 we had that big Boom of the economy - Things were GREAT I mean really great - who would of ever thought things would have turned for the worse..
My Brothers continue to tell me they have seen worse times than this, being that I basically started here full time right after my dad had passed away.. So I have never seen times like this.. I have only seen the "Good" times. Which scares the living crap out of me.. I wonder everyday are we going to be able to make payroll, are we going to be able keep our doors open and my Dad's legacy going?? Are we going to fail as a team?? Which I already feel like we are.
It seems like we have work and our board is filled but its trickling in - its not what it once was where work was just flowing in.. I mean my days were busy with phone call after phone call of people needing to re- do there homes or a new homes going up that needs granite in.
Like I said times were great. I would have to say 2005 -til the middle of 2007 were the best years.. As far as money making.

Now that I'm expecting a baby - I feel very overwhelmed with this business.. I feel that I should have remained in school to go after my dream of nursing but I didnt because I felt the obligation to come and work here after my dad passed to join my family and help out.
Now... I regret it in some sense.. I always told myself I would never work here because my entire family just automatically came and worked here and I was going to be different and go after my Career.. NOPE.. Look where I'm at. HA.. 2 years ago I wasnt complaining about it.. but now that shits bad I'm running back to what I shoulda, coulda, woulda did.. Which I dont think thats right by any means.. but these are my feelings. and I feel like an asshole for feeling that way.

I'm hoping for our company's sake that the economy will turn around and things will start looking up for us. Sooner than later would be nice.. like tomorrow would be great..
I wonder what will happen when I leave for maternity leave - will we still be alive here? Will I have a job to come back to? Will I need to find a new job to help support my family??
This is bothering me so much - I lose sleep over it.. I wish I had someone to answer my questions?? But who??

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Lisa said...

I know how you feel Jenni...things are tough right now. Our business has suffered too over the last year. Things are just now starting to get better, but the profits are not the same.

You just to have faith that things will get better and keep plugging away. But I understand the stress of it all. Hang in there!