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Monday, June 23, 2008


So I was going to work on this "Blog" this weekend and totally ended up not a doing damn thing!! Quite Relaxing but, now I feel as though I did not get anything accomplished.. I was supposed to email pics from my baby shower and maternity pics to some of my friends and family - Nope didnt do that.. I was supposed to work on my blog- Nope didnt do that.. so What did I do..

Friday night - We did are usual Date night in- Rented some movies - got some takeout and cuddled up on the couch..

Sat- slept in- Waited for my Brother to come over and do the Safari/Jungle mural in the baby's room - which by the way turned out AWESOME!! I will post pics later.. :0) After my brother left John went to the store and bought some food and we had a small Barbeque at our house with a few friends.. It was nice and I think John needed that - because his BF Brian was layed to rest that day and was unable to make that trip to Kansas to attend his funeral.. So I know it was bothering him.. Being around his friends is exactley what he needed..

Sunday - Slept in- Woke up around 10 - did a few things around the house.. Finally got ready and went to get my nails and feet done (impending the arrival of my Munchkin) I need to be primped and ready for the photo ops.. hahah.. after that went home and took a 2 hour nap. John and I finally decided to peel ourselves off our couch and go out to an actual restuaraunt and eat some food.. P.F. Changs was super YUMMY and just what I was craving.
So all in all I had pretty good weekend, doing NOTHING!! I guess I should be happy I had nothing to do considering in about 2 weeks I will be wishing for those weekends again..


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